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Are Your Ready to Reclaim Your Active Life?

Becoming a mom is one of the greatest experiences many of us will ever have. It is our biggest endurance event, and we feel empowered by our children. But, many of us also miss some of who we were before having kids.

Conditions like diastasis recti, pelvic pain, prolapse, and incontinence can make it difficult for many women to return to the training they loved pre-baby. Some of us are plagued by recurring joint pain, and others of us are stuck not knowing how to juggle our active lifestyle and training with the needs of our families. 

Is it possible to do both?

The answer is YES. If you've been told any of the following, then you need to think again:

  • That was your pre-baby life. You're on a different path now
  • This just happens with age and babies. 
  • You can't run again. You need to find another sport.
  • You're getting older. It's natural to slow down.
  • Being tired is just part of being a mom.

If any of these resonate, be sure to check out my online coaching and program options. I'm sure there's one to fit your current season of life and needs, and to get you back to the active life that you love!

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Continue training during Pregnancy, restore you Core after birth, and Balance hormone during Breastfeeding. 

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Is pain, weakness, or dysfunction keeping you from training like you want to? CoreStrong is designed to provide a strong, functional core base that you can build on. This course expands on the skills learned in CoreFoundation: First Steps, and uses Restorative Exercise and Functional Training to progressively build strength and performance, and safely bring you back to higher-level training. Stop living life in pause and just press play to get back to the sports you love!

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