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Don’t let pain and injury keep you from the activities you love to do!

Repetitive training methods, inefficient biomechanics, pregnancy,  and our daily habits can lead to overuse injuries that keep us from enjoying the activities that we love.

Even the postpartum conditions such as diastasis recti, pelvic floor disorders, incontinence, and pain are often a sign that our movement patterns aren’t engaging our muscles to allow support of the movement we’re doing.

This pain and these conditions often keep us from engaging in sports and activities that we’ve enjoyed for years.

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If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines due to pain, then you need a RE-Boot.

If you’ve rehabilitated an injury or condition i the past, only to have it return when you started back to your sport, you need a RE-Boot.

If you suffer from migrating pain that is keeping your from reaching your optimum performance, you need a RE-Boot.

The RE-Boot gives you Six Foundational Exercises to do over the course of the week. These exercises help to:

  • RE-Lease the overused & tight muscles to allow for better movement
  • RE-Align our joints, which increases muscle engagement
  • RE-Connect our muscles to our brains, to bring better function in our training
  • RE-Train our movement patterns to optimize our performance in our sport
  • RE-Condition our bodies for the sports we love and to be healthy while doing them
  • RE-turn to Play – without pain, without injury, without time off

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