Daily Check-Ins and Weekly Video calls to help you stay focused. Plus, a dedicated Facebook group for you to connect with other women to create a network of support that you need to succeed!

A Weekly Plan

We are more successful when we have a plan to follow. Each month receive a new training plan, with cross-training & recovery programs, weekly schedule, & self care tools all designed around a monthly focus topic.

Life Balance

It's in the midst of chaos when we often fall away from our health goals. Gain tools and support to help you balance the demands of a busy family with your dreams of an active lifestyle.

Reach your performance and health goals faster!

MoveHealPlay Training Club

A proven program to help you achieve your performance goals, manage life, and keep you active and pain-free.

If you're like me, you have the best -laid plan for you fitness and health - that diet that starts tomorrow, you're commitment to fitness, a competition this spring, making time for self care. But for some reason life gets in the way and everything falls to the wayside. I get it. I've been there and I've learned that we're all more successful when someone has our back and is cheering us on!

It's a proven fact that women are more successful in achieving their health and performance goals when they are part of team. Think back to a time when you competed in a sport or activity where others depended on you. Even if you we part of an individual sport, having that team behind you to make sure you did your training and were healthy, made a huge difference. Add on a coach to guide you and provide tools to help you reach your goals, and you were unstoppable!

Wouldn't it be great to have that again?

That's what the MoveHealPlay Training Club is all about! You get access to Beth Jones as your coach. She'll help you set goals each month and provide tools to help reach those goals. You'll have unlimited access to Beth through your Personal Training and Coaching Log, as well as weekly group video check-ins. Then, you get the support of a team on our private Facebook Page. We are there to support you and keep you on the path of achieving your goals, and also help you through the difficult obstacles that usually tear us down.

MoveHealPlay Training Club is designed to fit into other fitness and training programs you may be doing, and not blow your budget. Don't have another training plan? Don't worry, you'll get a month schedule with suggestions and links to help you plan the perfect plan for you!

Are you ready to join us? I can't wait to help you realize your potential and get you back to an active life of play. 

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Who's MoveHealPlay For?

  • Women who have a program they want to follow, but need help staying on task
  • Women who need cross-training and recovery tools to round out their training plans
  • Women who are looking to return to play, but need ideas and encouragement to get moving
  • Women who are looking for a community to lift and be held up by.

Who's MoveHealPlay NOT For?

  • Women looking for a specific fitness or nutrition plans
  • Women looking for a weight-loss specific program.
  • Women who are judgemental and cannot empathize with others' situation

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