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Would you get back to your play if…

  • Your body was strong and functional?
  • You did have to worry about leaking when training?
  • You never had to take Advil again?
  • You had a coach in your corner who understand your need to be active and not watch from the sidelines?
  • You had the guide to understand why your body hurts and the tools to start repairing it?

But, right now you’re feeling stuck and not sure how to take the first step forward. Maybe you’ve seen other professionals and tried other programs without relief and have given up hope  Or you’re not sure how to fit in your healing and training needs with the demands of a busy family.

The good news is there is another option for you. One that can get you past the pain and dysfunction, and back to that active lifestyle that you’ve been missing.

Motion is the Lotion

What the heck does that mean? Basically, the movement is the first step to healing. Movement facilitates healing. Healing facilitates play.

Move • Heal • Play

Most of us simply need to change the way we move in order to move better. Once we start connecting into how we use our bodies, we start seeing true change. Change that leads to pain-free play and improved performance. Because, as active women, this is our true goal – right? My programs address your specific needs and offer pragmatic solutions that you can actually fit into your life.

When you change the way you move, you can literally transform your body from the inside out.

If you’re trying to overcome physical and emotional limitations of pain and injury and return to your play, my private coaching program is designed for you. This one-on-one training program will help you change the movement patterns that cause our pain and allow you to move better. These same movement patterns are also the base of many of the sports and activities that we love - which is why overuse injuries occur. Finally, most of us have emotional barriers that we must break through. The fear of re-injury, or failing in another program, often keeps us from progressing. Our heads tell us to move forward, but our hearts sometimes hold us back. My programs address that mental and emotional aspect of recovery that most other programs do not. Let's work together to get to the true root of what's keeping you from your play.

This program could perfect for you if you:

  • Are looking to return to an active lifestyle, but aren't sure how to get there on your own
  • Are looking for a coach to keep you accountable, while still understanding the needs of a healing body
  • Want to make the most of your life with a body that works at its best
  • Are tired of hurting and want to feel better as soon as possible
  • Are willing to commit to doing the work required to make change
  • Are ready to be challenged, question your assumptions, explore, learn and grow

My programs are available to anyone, regardless of location, via Zoom Video. If you live in the Denver area, I also offer in-person appointments

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Let Me Know You’re Interested!

I take a limited number of private clients and want to make sure your needs and goals fit my program. You’ll fill out this short questionnaire to tell me more about you and what you’re looking for, and then we can move on to the next step.  

Step Two: Let’s Chat!

We schedule a phone call to talk about your interest in moving better and whether we could be a good fit. In this 20-minute call, we’ll talk about your goals and history, and how I can help you move better to reach these goals. It’s a fun chat to get to know each other, and it’s totally FREE.  

Step Three: Movement Foundations!

90 Minutes of Movement Coaching  We’ll spend this session exploring the way you stand and move, going over the fundamentals, and answering your questions. It’s a great way to decide if my program makes sense for your goals and your life, before investing in more. You’ll learn simple but effective techniques to help you start moving better TODAY, and you’ll leave with an exercise program designed just for you. We’ll assess your current alignment, and learn exercises specifically picked for your healing needs and training preferences. This program will include ways to start adding in the activities you love while protecting the healing that you need. You’ll also get some basic nutritional and lifestyle tools to help compliment the physical practice that you are beginning. What you get:

  • The alignment and daily movement exercises and lifestyle habits that make the foundation of your program
  • A clear outline of your program. What to focus on each day, broken down in a way that is manageable with your busy lifestyle
  • Personalized movement and performance goals
  • Sports-specific training in line with your current healing needs
  • Any resources, extra information or background that will supplement the work we did together. This would include any nutritional and health coaching needs that are applicable to your situation.
  • Full email and phone support so you can get in touch any time you have a question

Your Investment:       $135  

Step Four: Reclaim Your Active Live!

Now you’re ready to start your path back to your play. In 5 sessions over the next 12 weeks, you’re going to explore your body – and start changing it forever. Your personalized take-home program will help you start moving better, transform your body, and begin training to return to your favorite sport or activity. Here’s what this package includes:

  • 5 Session Coaching Package
  • 3 months of learning how your body moves with a coach who will hold you accountable and understands your need to train. Our Coaching Sessions will guide you through your specific path to reclaiming your active life by focusing on physical, emotional, and nutritional healing.
  • A personal home training program designed specifically for your body and your performance goals, including:
    • Corrective exercises
    • Specific movement habits to work on changes in your daily life
    • Personalized whole body movement goals
    • A sport-specific Functional Training program (if needed)
    • Nutrition and Health Coaching (based on your needs & goals)
    • Complete notes from each of our sessions
    • Full email and phone support so you can get in touch any time you have a question

Your Investment:

  • $475
  • A commitment to around 30 minutes of focused exercise practice each day, plus daily walking.

Think this might be right for you?

I work with a limited number of private clients, and I want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in time and money! If you think that private coaching might be right for you, apply to get started, and we’ll figure out whether we’re the right fit.

Here’s what you should know about me:

  1. I’m your biggest cheerleader and am invested in your success! I’ve overcome my own injuries and personal setbacks to return to an active life, and I want the same for you!
  2. I have a busy family and active kids, and so I understand how hard it can be to fit your needs into an already chaotic schedule. I design my programs to be done in chunks, so you can fit them in as your day allows.
  3. This is NOT a One Size Fits All Program. There is no set time limit for you to reach your goals. One thing I’ve learned about working in rehab for 18 years, is that everyone heals differently. And, that this healing is directly related to your ability to commit to it and what else is going on in your life. While I will hold you accountable for engaging in the program, that does not mean shaming you. We’ll adjust the program and exercises as need depending on your personal progress and needs.

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